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VAT Implications of Real Estate Transactions in Hungary

Investments in real estate are taking off in Hungary, and although acquisitions are exempt from the value-added tax (VAT) according to the general rule, in reality most transactions – for example those targeting new real properties – have important VAT implications that should not be neglected.

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Fintech Calls for Legislative Reforms

Technologies enabling P2P lending and payment, as well as virtual currencies can make currently complicated financial transactions faster and simpler than ever before. However, a number of legal issues has to be settled to ensure consumers are protected and the financial system remains stable.

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Pénzügyi szolgáltatások

Duna House IPO: sikeres tranzakció egy jogász szemével

Sikeresen lezárult a regionális ingatlancsoport, a Duna House Holding Nyrt. (DH) nyilvános- és zártkörű részvényértékesítése, amely 2011 óta a legnagyobb tőzsdei bevezetés a BÉT-en. Molnár Gábor és Hollós Gábor összefoglalója a tranzakció jogi részleteiről.

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General Corporate Branding

Game on! Gamification in law firms

The legal industry is especially obsessed with lists and rankings, the lawyer’s mind is by nature competitive. Why not transform then monotonous tasks and administrative actions to challenging games, making it enjoyable?

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IPT, Data Protection

Hungarian DPA issues 12 steps guide on the GDPR

The Hungarian Data Protection Authority published on its website a 12 steps guide on how to get ready for the GDPR. Although this is a useful first guideline for controllers and processors, still leaves much room for interpretation.

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