Digital Ring: The technological revolution towards (rather than against) the future

Digital ring will be an “arena” where well-established companies and new entrants will debate (and not fight) on how to succeed in the technological revolution. Read the rest of this entry »

Fashion runways and right of panorama: a trendy combo!

The fashion month is over and – besides fringes and feathers – artistic monuments and museums have played a big role on the stage! From the Louvre Museum for Louis Vuitton, the Tour Eiffel for Yves Saint Lauren, the Palais de Justice for Givenchy and Le Palace Theatre for Gucci, fashion houses continue to choose iconic monuments of the relevant cities for their catwalks. We already talked here on the possible ways to protect fashion shows per se, but which rights on the monuments chosen for their set?  Read the rest of this entry »

Digital Ring: la rivoluzione tecnologica, verso e non contro il futuro

Digital Ring

Lo Studio Legale DLA Piper ha il piacere di invitarla all’evento: “Digital Ring: la rivoluzione tecnologica, verso e non contro il futuro” in collaborazione con L’Economia del Corriere della Sera a Palazzo Mezzanotte il prossimo 15 ottobre dalle 9.30. Read the rest of this entry »

Swedish offshore gambling promotion ban and German gambling debt case

The Swedish gambling offshore promotion ban and a German ruling on the legal status of a gambling debt. Read the rest of this entry »

A further step towards the adoption of the new Copyright Directive

On 12 September 2018 the EU Parliament adopted the EU Commission’s proposal for a revised Copyright Directive. The new directive aims at reforming the laws on copyright to create a digital single market in the EU.

However, while the need for an update is generally agreed upon, the way in which such update should be implemented is not. Recently the Parliament approved a revised version of the original proposal of the Commission. In this respect, relevant changes affected the most controversial provisions, namely Articles 11 and 13. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 5 takeaways from DLA Piper privacy event on Italian law integrating the GDPR

Lack of clarity on Italian privacy obligations is creating a considerable confusion among operators, but the GDPR is already in place. Giulio Coraggio Read the rest of this entry »

Italian court decision on DPO requirements and new Belgian privacy law

A recent italian administrative court decision clarifies the requirements of the DPO and Belgium introduces a new data protection act implementing the GDPR. 

Read the rest of this entry »

Online gambling advertising restrictions in Australia and Nintendo lawsuit

The upcoming Australian advertising restrictions for online gambling operators and the ongoing negotiations between Nintendo and emulator websites.

Read the rest of this entry »

The EU Privacy Regulation is not an issue only for European companies!

The EU privacy regulation is relevant not only for European entities but any business looking at Europe because of its extended scope of applicability.Giulio Coraggio Read the rest of this entry »

Italian law integrating the GDPR in place, what changes?

Italian privacy law integrating the GDPR is finally in place, but a number of provisions remain unclear, but need immediate action. Giulio Coraggio Read the rest of this entry »

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