Top 3 legal predictions on Trade Secrets for 2020

by Laura Gastaldi and Micaela Jerusalmi One year and a half after the implementation of EU Directive No. 934/2016 (the “Trade Secrets Directive”) in Italy, trade secrets are increasingly becoming one of the most valuable assets of companies’ businesses, and this trend is likely to increase. Let’s see what to expect from the upcoming year in light of the most recent happenings. 1.The birth of new best practices Starting from the enforcement of the TDS, all European countries require that in order for a trade secret to be granted protection it must be subject to reasonable protective measures to keep it …

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Top 3 legal predictions on Copyright for 2020

By Roberto Valenti, Alessandra Tozzi and Lara Mastrangelo Copyright plays a paramount role in enhancing and protecting human creations, but, at the same time, it may clash with other fundamental rights and therefore needs to be balanced. During 2019 many events occurred in the copyright field. What will happen in the course of 2020? Art and Algorithms: do we immediately need rules for AI’s creations? As a new decade awaits and AI hype begins to dissipate, the need for regulations addressing AI becomes more stringent. As anticipated last year, AI technologies are gradually making their way also in areas traditionally …

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Top 3 legal predictions on Life Sciences for 2020

By Marco de Morpurgo, Nicola Landolfi and Chiara Perotti Last year was a pivotal year for the Life Sciences industry. As we had foreseen, 2019 witnessed significant technological and regulatory progress. Digitalization of the medical sector has impacted the way pharmaceutical and medical device companies approach patients, with smoother communication means that bring to zero the physical distance between patients, healthcare professionals, and the industry. In parallel, cell and gene therapies – which require sophisticated and precision development techniques – are shaking the market, increasingly establishing themselves as the “medicine of the future”. In this continuously evolving environment, Life Sciences …

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Top 3 Legal Predictions on eSports for 2020

By Vincenzo Giuffrè and Lara Mastrangelo The growth of revenues generated by the esports industry is leading to new legal issues that are likely to be addressed with different solutions in 2020. Esports monetization will be driven by pay-per-view streaming The esports sector has traditionally drawn its revenues from sponsorships, media rights, and advertising. However, with the cost of tournaments and prize money rising yearly, organizers are looking for new ways to increase revenues. Many esports operators and tournament organizers are moving away from free streaming of content to running their events, with tickets to attend said events and fans …

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Top 3 Legal Predictions on Electronic Cigarettes and Novel Tobacco Products for 2020

By Francesca Romana Ferrucci and Alessandro Ferrari 2019 was a very interesting year for tobacco, electronic cigarettes (“e-cigs”) and novel tobacco products (“NTPs”) all around the world. Going from new products in the process of accessing new markets, moving on with the mayhem concerning severe health issues allegedly connected to the use of e-cigs. The past year has definitely been quite a rollercoaster for the sector and the upcoming year is likely to be just as intense. Marketing and advertisement: the saga continues As highlighted in our previous legal predictions for 2019, the Italian legal background concerning marketing and advertisement …

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Top 3 Legal Predictions on Privacy and Data Protection for 2020

by Giulia Zappaterra & Deborah Paracchini  2019 brought considerable changes in the data protection world. Some EU Member States finally integrated the rules of the EU General Data Protection Regulation No. 679/2016 (GDPR) with their national laws. At the same time, local data protection authorities started to fully apply – also issuing severe sanctions – the set of rules of the GDPR. This scenario does not anyhow mean that 2020 will not bring us any news! New legal issues – growing together with the improvement of innovative technologies – will test the data protection legal framework.

Top 3 Legal Predictions on Media for 2020

By Alessandro Ferrari and Laura Borelli As we approach 2020, changes in the media landscape are accelerating at an unrelenting pace. The way consumers access their entertainment has come a long way from the traditional linear television and evolution is not taking any break. Factors such as AI and new technologies, as well as the expanding internet connectivity and broadband infrastructure will be playing a major role in the definition of the media sector in the upcoming year.

Top 3 Legal Predictions on Fintech for 2020

By Alessandro Ferrari and Ludovica Mosci Last year witnessed the increase of fintech services on the Italian market, thanks to the encouragement provided by PSD2, with the “open banking” obligations on banks and the related API technologies. Fintech startups are no longer seen as a threat to traditional banking, rather as an opportunity to expand services. Last year, several partnerships between banks and fintech were completed, and this finally helped Italian banks start their innovation journey towards a “digital bank”, with the development of new products and services that align with today’s customer needs. Regulatory sandboxes for Italy: waiting for …

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TOP 3 Legal Predictions on Blockchain for 2020

By Tommaso Ricci and Giordana Babini 2019 was a thriving year for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) more in general. Mainstream companies have demonstrated growing interest in both blockchain and DLT. Blockchain seems to have reached its turning point. What was only theoretical up to last year, is now finally becoming operational and integrated into an increasing number of digital services that go beyond mere beta tests. In this post we explore the upcoming blockhain patent war, the DLT applications to IoT and the possible solution to fight fake news dissemination.

Top 3 Legal Predictions on Artificial Intelligence

By Giulio Coraggio, Giacomo Lusardi and Cristina Criscuoli AI systems grew quickly in 2019 and we expect to witness additional developments of these technologies in 2020. AI is increasingly embedded in our everyday lives: companies are developing a number of AI systems, such as voice commands driven platforms, facial recognition tools and AI-based customer care chatbots. However, the rise of these technologies needs to be accompanied by the availability of accurate datasets as well as appropriate infrastructures and regulations. Too early for AI regulations, courts will set the first rules Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence will dramatically transform our world in …

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