TOP 3 Legal Predictions on Blockchain for 2020

By Tommaso Ricci and Giordana Babini 2019 was a thriving year for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) more in general. Mainstream companies have demonstrated growing interest in both blockchain and DLT. Blockchain seems to have reached its turning point. What was only theoretical up to last year, is now finally becoming operational and integrated into an increasing number of digital services that go beyond mere beta tests. In this post we explore the upcoming blockhain patent war, the DLT applications to IoT and the possible solution to fight fake news dissemination.

Video: Blockchain legal predictions for 2019

In this video Elisa Rosati and Tommaso Ricci analyze the Blockchain legal and business challenges for 2019. This year will be crucial for the blockchain since the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is ready to overcome the risks linked to the fluctuation of the cryptocurrencies and to prove its compatibility with the new standards of  Data Protection introduced by GDPR finding the right balance between scalability and security.

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