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New classification required for logistics activities from 2025

A new concept has been added to the regulation on the network of regulated parks: from 1 January 2025, certain companies will only be able to carry out logistics activities on the site if they have obtained the title of “Logistics Park”. As this will require several administrative tasks, it is recommended that interested parties apply for the title as early as possible, given the short deadline. Anikó Edit Szűcs and Zsófia Takó, experts of DLA Piper Hungary’s Real Estate Group, provided a summary of the topic.
Which areas can be awarded the title of Logistics Park?

The Regulation[1] defines the concept of Logistics Parks in a complex way. A Logistics Park is defined as “an area with a logistics base, with at least 60% logistics (warehousing, transport) capacity, mainly market-driven, with infrastructure where the most important group of basic services is directly linked to logistics or where service activities take place and where there is integrated cooperation between logistics, industry, municipalities and investment operators“. This concept should be considered in conjunction with the fact that a Logistics Park can only be an area of at least 3 hectares which is classified as an industrial or economic area based on the urban development plan or municipal decision in force.

Within the category of Logistics Park, the legislation also distinguishes between intermodal, regional and local logistics parks. The significance of this is that only one intermodal or one regional logistics park title can be granted in a municipality, with deviations from this only being permitted by the Council for Science and Innovation, Technology, Industry and Logistics Parks (“Logistics Park Council”).

To obtain the title of Logistics Park, it is not sufficient to meet the above conditions, but to obtain the qualification, it is necessary to apply to the competent ministry

emphasized Zsófia Takó, Junior Associate at DLA Piper Hungary’s Real Estate Group.

What is the significance of obtaining the Logistics Park title?

According to the Regulation, a company which

      (i) derives at least 60% of its total annual net turnover from its activities at its premises or

      (ii) branch from warehousing and transport activities, (ii) the area of the establishment is 3 hectares or more, and

      (iii) its covered storage capacity is at least 3,000m2

it may only carry out logistics activities on the site if it has obtained the title of Logistics Park under the Regulation.

What to do?

In order to obtain the title of Logistics Park, an application must be submitted to the Minister responsible for Industry, with the contents and annexes as set out in the call for applications published on the Government Portal. The Logistics Park Council has 60 days from the date of submission of the application to send its proposal to the Ministry, so it is advisable to submit the application and the request for the Logistics Park Council's approval as soon as possible

emphasised Edit Anikó Szűcs, Senior Associate at DLA Piper Hungary’s Real Estate Group.

In order to speed up the procedures, the Decree introduced that in the case of an application for the title of Logistics Park, the administrative authority cases related to the investment can be declared as an investment of major importance for the national economy in a simplified procedure. In addition to the existing criteria, priority will be given to applications that would be carried out in a beneficiary district or free enterprise zone under the relevant government regulations.

Authors: Edit Anikó Szűcs, Zsófia Takó

Takó Zsófia

Zsófia Takó

Junior Associate,

Real Estate Group

Zsófia Takó

Zsófia joined DLA Piper Hungary's Real Estate group as a Junior Associate in 2023, where she participates mostly in real estate and finance matters. Prior to joining DLA Piper Hungary, she worked at two leading law firms with international clientele focusing mainly on Corporate M&A matters.
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[1] With the entry into force of Government Decree 161/2023 (IV. 28.) on Science and Innovation, Technology, Industrial and Logistics Parks (the “Decree”), the network of parks regulated by the previously applicable Government Decree 799/2021 (XII. 28.) has been extended by the new concept of “Logistics Park” and a coherent system of classification and control of the parks covered by this article has been established