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Top 3 legal predictions on Trade Secrets for 2020

by Laura Gastaldi and Micaela Jerusalmi One year and a half after the implementation of EU Directive No. 934/2016 (the “Trade Secrets Directive”) in Italy, trade secrets are increasingly becoming one of the most valuable assets of companies’ businesses, and this trend is likely to increase. Let’s see what to expect from the upcoming year in light of the most recent happenings. 1.The birth of new best practices Starting from the enforcement of the TDS, all European countries require that in order for a trade secret to be granted protection it must be subject to reasonable protective measures to keep it …

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Video: Trade secrets legal predictions for 2019

In this video Micaela Jerusalmi and Fulvia Cosattini analyze the trade secrets legal and business challenges for 2019. The need for companies to protect their trade secrets is growing rapidly due to the evolution of technology. How can security and transparency be balanced? For a more in-depth analysis please read our post Top 3 predictions for trade secrets in 2019

How to deal with the protection of minors in eSports

How shall the eSports market deal with the protection of minors? What measures shall be adopted to protect investments and avoid risks?The eSports market is rapidly growing and is quickly seducing an increasing number of fans. The growth of interest towards this charming world is also witnessed by the fact that the International Olympic Committee has recently considered to include eSports at the Olympic Games of 2024.A great number of eSports fans – both among players and audience – is made up of minors. Just think about Dominique “SonicFox” McLean, only 16 years old, who won his first prize becoming champion of “Injustice: Gods Among Us” at the Evolution Championship Series (EVO), one of the most renowned competition in eSports.

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Top 3 predictions for trade secrets in 2019

by Laura Gastaldi, Fulvia Cosattini, Micaela Jerusalmi Striking the balance between opposite demands In order to harmonize the different legislations adopted by each EU Member State and strengthen the protection of know-how and trade secrets, on the June 8, 2016, the EU Parliament and the Council of the EU enacted EU Directive No. 943/2016 (“the Directive“), implemented in Italy in June 2018 by the Legislative Decree No. 63/2018 (“the Legislative Decree“). The Directive creates a baseline level of protection to be applied by each EU Member State. Importantly, among the rest, it sets out a uniform definition of a trade …

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