Ispezioni privacy – cosa aspettarsi e come essere pronti?

Parleremo di ispezioni privacy e di come prepararsi alle stesse l’1 marzo da DLA Piper con il Colonnello Marco Menegazzo ed esperti del settore.

La sanzione di € 50 milioni emessa di recente dal Garante privacy francese, il CNIL, si è rivelata come un campanello di allarme per le società. Ad oltre 9 mesi dall’inizio dell’applicabilità del GDPR, i garanti europei stanno emettendo le prime sanzioni ai sensi del Regolamento privacy europeo e gli importi possono essere molto elevati.

Italian DLA Piper Intellectual Property & Technology Predictions for 2019

DLA Piper’s Italian Intellectual Property & Technology department has published their Legal Predictions for 2019. These take a look back at what happened during 2018 and illustrate the key changes that are expected in 2019.

As you have seen through the blog posts published during the previous weeks on this blog, the publication covers 14 different topics, from more traditional areas of law such as trademarks, copyright, trade secrets and patents to innovative topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, FinTech and eSports, from life sciences to media, fashion, e-cigarettes and gambling, to privacy and cyber security, which were among the main challenges of 2018 and will continue to be so in 2019.

Join our DLA Piper Gambling event right before ICE Gaming 2019

DLA Piper Gambling event will take place on the 4th of February 2019 with experts from different jurisdictions and the Spanish gambling authority.

After the 2017 and 2018 editions, here is the 2019 edition of DLA Piper gambling event on the 4th of February 2019, right before the beginning of the ICE Gaming event.

Gambling regulatory regimes are in a constant state of change. New markets are opening up, new licenses are available and new obligations are being imposed on operators and suppliers. At the same time, newly introduced regulations represent considerable compliance obligations for the gambling market and the identification of the right balance between ensuring compliance and preserving business needs is getting exponentially complicated.

Top 3 predictions on cybersecurity for 2019

Cybersecurity represents a major risk for companies that will need to change their approach on security in 2019, also in relation to M&A transactions, and corrective actions might include a cyber risk insurance coverage according to our predictions.

According to a report published by Accenture, the average cost of cybercrime per organization in 2017 increased to $ 11.7 million, with countries like the US reaching $ 21.22 million. Such a cost was also considerable in Italy where it reached $ 6.73 million.

Top 3 predictions on AI and IoT for 2019

There was massive growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2018, which followed the hype of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies during the previous years. But what is going to happen in 2019?

Here are our top 3 predictions for the year.

Top 3 gambling law predictions for 2019

It was a very busy year for the gambling sector with operators and suppliers that might be forced to reinvent, or at least considerably adjust, their business model to suit new markets, following their opening up, and new market conditions, due to recent regulatory restrictions.

Below are our top 3 predictions for 2019.

Intervista a Francesco Bardelli di Generali Jeniot | DLA Piper Digital Ring

Francesco Bardelli è stato uno dei relatori del DLA Piper Digital Ring 2018 dove ha discusso di digital transformation nel settore assicurativo.

Il DLA Piper Digital Ring 2018 è stato un evento di alto livello con top manager da, tra gli altri, Intesa San Paolo, Generali, Microsoft, Airbnb, Alipay,, Starhotels ecc. che si sono confrontati sulla digital transformation di fronte a oltre 180 persone.In questo articolo potete trovare la mia intervista a Francesco Bardelli di Generali Jeniot.

How can the blockchain become GDPR compliant?

Blockchain compliance with GDPR requirements was tested by the French privacy authority and the European Commission, with uncertain outcomes.

Blockchain privacy compliance is a very hot topic that led to major discussions. The compliance of the impossibility to remove information from the distributed ledger with the GDPR’s right to be forgotten for instance has been challenged in several instances. But this is only one of the topics now covered by the French data protection authority, the CNIL, in its guidelines on the topic (which were covered here on DLA Piper Privacy Matters blog by my colleagues Denise Lebeau-Marianna and Caroline Chancé) and by the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum of the European Commission in a workshop report recently issued.

DLA Piper Digital Ring 2018 – Il video dell’evento!

After revolutionizing the world of art, by transforming an act of vandalism − such as murals − in million dollars artworks, Banksy has recently hit the headlines with his latest provocation. In October, during a Sotheby’s auction, right after the awarding of one of his most famous creations entitled ‘Girl with balloon’ for more than £ 1.000.000, the painting literally destroyed itself. Immediately after, the artist declared to have intentionally placed a shredding machine within the frame. As a consequence, a new piece of artwork – ‘Love is in the bin’ – was created by destroying the first.

This episode definitely calls for some legal analysis also under Italian law of what went on in that occasion. “Can a destroyed artwork be considered as an artwork itself under the Italian Copyright Law? And, above all, what about the buyer’s position, who had purchased an expensive piece of artwork and then was left with some framed stripes of shredded paper?”

Top 5 takeaways on digital transformation from DLA Piper Digital Ring

The DLA Piper Digital Ring event with 180+ attendees was a massive event on digital transformation and here are my to 5 takeaways.

As anticipated, my law firm, DLA Piper, ran a very interesting event together with the Corriere della Sera, the largest Italian newspaper, at the Italian stock exchange, Borsa Italiana, on digital transformation in the banking, insurance, hospitality and e-commerce sectors. I summarise below my main takeaways, but there is definitely no room to cover all the interesting insights arose during the discussion.

Digital Ring: The technological revolution towards (rather than against) the future

Digital ring will be an “arena” where well-established companies and new entrants will debate (and not fight) on how to succeed in the technological revolution.

As published in a previous blog post available HERE, DLA Piper arranged for the 15th of October 2018 an event named “Digital Ring” at the Milan Stock Exchange together with the largest Italian newspaper.