Chiara Perotti

Top 3 legal predictions on Life Sciences for 2020

By Marco de Morpurgo, Nicola Landolfi and Chiara Perotti Last year was a pivotal year for the Life Sciences industry. As we had foreseen, 2019 witnessed significant technological and regulatory progress. Digitalization of the medical sector has impacted the way pharmaceutical and medical device companies approach patients, with smoother communication means that bring to zero the physical distance between patients, healthcare professionals, and the industry. In parallel, cell and gene therapies – which require sophisticated and precision development techniques – are shaking the market, increasingly establishing themselves as the “medicine of the future”. In this continuously evolving environment, Life Sciences …

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Milan Fashion Week and Fashion Law Trends – The never-ending saga of cultural appropriation in fashion

Over the last years we have witnessed extensive disapproval of the fashion world when dealing with collections or campaigns inspired by different cultures. As a fact, criticism on alleged cases of cultural appropriation has been rising to the stars throughout the years and does not seem to come to an end.

Generally speaking, cultural appropriation is defined as the unrecognized or inappropriate adoption of traditions, practices, ideas, etc. of one culture by members of another cultural, usually the latter being more dominant.

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A further step towards the adoption of the new Copyright Directive

On 12 September 2018 the EU Parliament adopted the EU Commission’s proposal for a revised Copyright Directive. The new directive aims at reforming the laws on copyright to create a digital single market in the EU. However, while the need for an update is generally agreed upon, the way in which such update should be implemented is not. Recently the Parliament approved a revised version of the original proposal of the Commission. In this respect, relevant changes affected the most controversial provisions, namely Articles 11 and 13.