Follow-us – Cybersecurity – Talent Garden Fondazione Agnelli – 4:00 PM 18 October 2017

Follow-us tomorrow at 4:00 PM  for the seminar on Cybersecurity and Big Data. The seminar has been organised by the GIOIN – Gasperini Open Innovation Network and will be held at the Fondazione Agnelli in Turin. We will address GDPR and cybersecurity, including data governance and practical suggestions.

Other panelists will include Agostino Santoni (Cisco),  Fabio Ugoste and Paolo Musso(Intesa Sanpaolo), Alessandro Vallega (Oracle) Rodolfo Mecozzi (EY), Matteo Flora (The Fool), Alberto Fioravanti, Marco Gay and Layla Pavone (Digital Magics). See this link for more information.

See you tomorrow!