New layout for our ITP Italy blog!

Some years ago – when we started our adventure with this IPT Italy blog – we could count the number of followers on the one hand (and yes, if you were wondering, our parents were the first ones to subscribe!).

Now the situation changed: we have a  wider reach, a larger team and some more experience.

It was time to improve also our platform, and here it is: we are pleased to announce the launch of a new layout of our blog!

While providing up to date contents, we want to offer our readers a brand new feeling. And in fact, this second half of 2019 will be full of surprises. Also by way of video posts, we will do our best to present on-the-edge legal analysis, always taking into consideration technology and innovation.

Our expertise ranges from soft IP to patents, from data protection and cybersecurity to commercial contracts, from media/TMT to life science issues, from gaming to advertising. We will not miss a thing and we will try to keep you always updated.

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The Italian IPT Team