UK Employment Law Health Check 2020

Take our 5 minute survey to check if your organisation is up to date with the latest UK employment law developments and is ready for a return to business as normal.

Employers large and small have spent most of 2020 in crisis management mode, trying to protect their businesses and their people from the damage being caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Most employers will now be taking stock and thinking about how they will manage their workforce over the next 12 months, in what will hopefully be a more stable business environment.

Understanding legal and market practice changes in employment law and policy over recent months, and looking ahead to what is on the horizon for 2021, will be important. Staying on top, and ahead, of all of the recent and forthcoming changes in employment law will help to protect brand, retain workforce talent and avoid legal and financial liabilities.

Our Employment Law Health Check focuses on compliance with major legal developments and best practice in 2020-21. It looks at 3 key areas of the employment life cycle:

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Termination

Complete our survey now to see how your organisation scores and to identify any “red flag” areas on which you should focus going forward. Completing the survey will also enable you to benchmark your results against other employers.

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