Gender Pay Reporting Regulations: Are you ready?

In 10 weeks’ time, the deadline for gender pay gap reporting for every employer with  250 or more employees will be here.  The Government estimates that around 9,000 employers will be required to report and, to date, less than 700 have done so – in the region of 7.5%.

So if you haven’t completed and published your report, where do you sit on the readiness curve?

If you haven’t completed and published your report, are you ready and waiting; do you still have lots to do; or have you actually yet to make a start?  Wherever you sit on the readiness curve, the Employment team at DLA Piper can help you to get your report across the line.

We are providing all levels of support to our clients including: advising them on how to go about producing the numbers for their report; checking their methodology; helping them to create and/or reviewing their narratives; explaining to the board what the regulations require; and advising on the manner of publication.  We are providing ad hoc advice in response to specific queries from some clients and are also part of other clients’ project teams set up to produce the report.

If you need any support in complying with your obligations in relation to gender pay, please get in touch with Clare Gregory, Kate Hodgkiss or your usual DLA Piper contact.