FTC to Hold Workshop Re Online Data Collection

By Jennifer Kashatus

Tomorrow, Thursday, December 6, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will hold a workshop examining privacy implications for online data collection.  Among other issues, in its Privacy Report issued in March earlier this year, the FTC highlighted that it intended to focus on five action items in 2012, including:  Do Not Track, Data Broker use and collection of information, and privacy issues related to the collection and use of large platform providers.  This workshop is part of the FTC’s continued exploration into certain of these issues.  During the workshop, the FTC intends to explore the landscape of data collection, benefits and risks of data collection, consumer attitude about choice with regard to such collection, and potential next steps for industry and policy makers with regard to the collection of information.  The workshop is certain to evoke a wide range of views about these issues, and we look forward to discussing our thoughts with you post-workshop.