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ITALY: TripAdvisor € 500K fine- a risk for all social media?

TripAdvisor has been sanctioned by the Italian competition authority (AGCM) for the misleading advertising claims relating to the truthfulness of the reviews published by their users on the site that according to the AGCM cannot be guaranteed.  This case might trigger considerable risks also for other social media and fashion blogs. Share this

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Celebrity endorsements on social media: 7 tips for navigating the right of publicity

By David M Kramer Social media makes building a brand easy: the tools are laid out in front of you, ready to launch your company to worldwide fame with a click of the mouse. Craft a few irreverent tweets, refresh the company Facebook page and voilà: you instantly have the power to engage consumers on …

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Nickname theft is a crime

The Italian Supreme Court convicted for the crime of identity theft a person that had created on an erotic chat a nickname with the initials of her former employer also providing her mobile number. Share this

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