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Filing of a literary work in court proceedings constitutes a breach of the Swedish Copyright Act

The Swedish Patent and Market Court of Appeal have ruled that the act of electronically submitting a short novel to the court as evidence in a court case constitutes an unlawful reproduction of the work and in breach with the Swedish Copyright Act. However, the filing of the work was not considered as a communication …

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UK: Amendments to Public Lending Right Scheme

By Rebekah Hayes and Alasdair Muller On 5 June 2014 the UK Parliament passed the Public Lending Right Scheme 1982 (Commencement of Variations) Order 2014 (“Order“), implementing its obligations under the Rental and Lending Directive. Under the Public Lending Right Scheme (“Scheme“), authors receive compensatory payments when printed copies of their books are loaned from …

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Germany: Collecting society’s payout to publishers highly disputed

On 13 May 2014 the District Court of Berlin (16 O 75/13) rejected a claim brought by a songwriter and a composer against a collecting society’s payout to music publishers.. The claim was directed at a declaratory judgment that GEMA (the German collecting society responsible for licencing musical performances and musical reproduction) was not allowed …

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Royal Charter Appeal Dismissed

By Patrick Mitchell and Alasdair Muller On 18 March 2013, the government, following the recommendations of the Leveson report, proposed a Royal Charter on press regulation. The Press Standards Board of Finance Limited (PressBoF), the body charged with raising a levy on the newspaper industry to secure financial support for the Press Complaints Commission, developed …

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Privacy damages awarded to Weller family

 By Rebekah Hayes and Alasdair Muller Associated Newspapers has been ordered to pay three of Paul Weller’s children a total of £10,000 in damages for misuse of private information and breach of the Data Protection Act. Covertly taken pictures of the musician on a day out with his children in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, appeared …

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US District Court rules in favour of Google in book-scanning dispute

Google has been successful in the latest round of an eight-year copyright dispute with the US Authors Guild in relation to Google’s decision to scan more than 20 million books from libraries and make them available on the internet. In 2005, the US Authors Guild (and some US publishers) brought a case against Google, alleging …

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CLA and NLA partner to streamline copyright licensing for UK educational institutions

By Rebecca Hughes NLA media access Ltd. (NLA) and The Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd. (CLA) last month announced a partnership that aims to “streamline and simplify copyright licensing for UK schools and higher education”. NLA is owned by newspaper publishers and licenses newspaper content (and online versions of that content) typically to PR agencies, media …

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