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Outlawing Ambush Marketing

By Dylan Kennett and Catherine Beloff – as first published in Touchline Magazine With the 2011 Rugby World Cup (‘RWC’) in New Zealand living up to its billing as the ‘Stadium of Four Million’, the Rugby Football Union and the RWC 2015 Organising Committee have a daunting task ahead of them in exceeding expectations for …

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SPAIN: New Spanish Anti-doping Act

The Spanish Parliament has just approved the so-called Fundamental Act (LO) 3/2013 for the protection of the athletes health and fighting doping in sport. This new piece of legislation intends to combat against doping in sports in a more effective way, incorporating into Spanish law the requirements laid down by international organizations, such as the …

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There’s no business, like snow business! Sochi learns lessons from Vancouver

By Scott Antel and Tanya Zayats Subtropical Sochi, historically known as the “Caucasian Riviera”, is preparing for any unseasonably warm weather which may hamper its hosting of the 2014 Winter Olympics in February by “storing” nearly one half million tons of snow in event it is needed.  Unseasonably warm weather and shortages of snow have …

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UK Tax Exemptions Continue the Legacy of London 2012

By Paul Rutherford and Carmelo Lam Sport is a vital part of the UK’s culture and in recognition of this, the UK Government has in recent years enacted exemptions designed to ensure that foreign athletes competing in major sporting events in the UK are not subjected to UK taxes on income. The most notable recent …

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Gambling Commission publishes paper looking at role of Joint Assessment Unit at the London Olympics

The Gambling Commission has published a paper looking at the role of the Joint Assessment Unit (the “JAU”) at the London Olympic Games. The task of the JAU was to provide a mechanism for the collection, collation and assessment of information in order to combat corruption at the Games. The key actors in the JAU were the …

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US Olympic Committee Explores a Bid for the 2024 Games

On February 19, 2013, the United States Olympic Committee sent letters to mayors of thirty-five United States cities to notify them of USOC consideration of a bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. The twenty-five largest US cities, along with ten others deemed “suitable” by the USOC, received letters. While the International Olympic Committee will …

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