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Ofcom launches revised rules on consumer protection and nuisance calls

By Francis Keepfer The UK telecoms regulator, Ofcom, has launched a review of its General Conditions of Entitlement (the regulatory rules that all UK communications providers (CPs) must follow in order to operate) and a consultation on updating its guidance concerning the provision of calling line identification (CLI) facilities. Share this

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UK – Ofcom reintroduces (lower) fees for video-on-demand services

By Patrick Mitchell and Alastair Mackichan The larger operators of UK VOD services (such as broadcasters’ catch up services, and other on-demand TV and movie services) will again be required to pay an annual fee to meet Ofcom’s regulatory costs. Share this

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UK: Ofcom reviews the TV programme production sector

By Chris Wall Following Ofcom’s third review of public service broadcasting earlier this year, the Secretary of State has asked Ofcom to carry out a review of the operation of the television programme production sector. Ofcom reports that television programme production generates annual revenues of roughly £3 billion and an increase in the consolidation of …

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First IoT Legal and Business Framework Webinar: Summary of Conclusions!

Thank you all for attending our webinar on the “Internet of Things Legal and Business Framework”. For those who could not attend, the main conclusions are summarized below: Share this

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UK: Two websites, both alike in category…

Patrick Mitchell and Alasdair Muller consider two recent Ofcom decisions, both on appeal from the Authority for Television on Demand (“ATVOD”). The decisions provided clearer guidance on the criteria to be considered when assessing whether or not a service qualifies as an On Demand Programme Service (“ODPS”) as defined by section 368A of the Communications Act …

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Consultation on the enforcement of scheduling of television advertising

By Alasdair Muller and Patrick Mitchell Ofcom has published a consultation document regarding various approaches to the enforcement of scheduling of television advertising. Both Ofcom’s own Code on the Scheduling of Television Advertising (COSTA) and the Audiovisual Media Services Directive place restrictions on the insertion of internal advertising breaks within programmes, based on factors including …

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UK: Communications watch-dog releases detailed analysis of gambling advertising on TV

By Stephen Ketteley In a wide-ranging and extremely detailed report, OFCOM, the UK’s communications regulator, has released results of it analysis of gambling advertisements on television. Some of the statistics clearly demonstrate the increased profile of gambling on television, through advertising – an issue repeatedly referenced by certain aspects of the media in sustained criticism …

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Everton FC’s pre-season victory

By Patrick Mitchell – as first published in the Entertainment Law Review Although not quite as lucrative as its pre-season US tour, Everton FC’s recent successful appearance before media regulator Ofcom helps it to retain a few more pounds which might be available for the transfer kitty. The club appealed the decision, by the regulator …

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