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EUROPE: ECJ Rules on TV Advertising Practices

By Florence Guthfreund-Roland and Mathilde Hallé The European Court of Justice (the “ECJ”) recently ruled on the interpretation of the provisions of the Audiovisual Media Service Directive[1] (the “Directive”) relating to television advertising and commercial sponsorship in the Sanoma case[2]. At stake were the broadcasting practices implemented by Sanoma, a Finnish television broadcaster, which the …

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ITALY – “Digital Authorities” Seminar on 22 May, University of Milan

Follow us on Friday 22 May 2015 at the University of Milan, with the main experts of our Italian “Digital Authorities” – Giuseppe Galasso (Director Communications – AGCM), Benedetta Liberatore (Director Audiovisual Services – AGCOM) and Luigi Montuori (Director Communications and Electronic Networks – Data Protection Authority), together with Marco Cuniberti (UNIMI) and Giangiacomo Olivi (DLA Piper). …

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ITALY: Specialization Course on “New Technologies and Media Laws” – Join us!

Join us at the Specialization Course on “New Technologies and Media Laws” at the University of Milan. The registration for the new (and revised) edition of the Specialization Course is now open until 15 February 2015. Share this

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ITALY: LCN- Commissioner’s final plan expected by 20 May 2015

On January 8, 2015 the Consiglio di Stato (Supreme Administrative Court) set the final deadline of May 20 for the Commissioner to issue the new LCN plan. Share this

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Italy – New rules on transfer of broadcasters / media services providers and network operators!

Further to a consultation process, this August, the Italian Communications Authority (Autorità per le garanzie nelle comunicazioni, “Agcom”), published a new regulation for the transfer of broadcasters’ ownership (Regulation no. 368/14/CONS, the “New Regulation“). Share this

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Following loss before the Supreme Court, Aereo “astonishes” broadcasters with new legal strategy

By Andrew L. Deutsch, Marc E. Miller and Melissa A. Reinckens Shortly after its highly publicized loss before the US Supreme Court (see here), which appeared to doom its over-the-air television Internet streaming business, New York-based Aereo has asserted in federal district court that it is entitled to a compulsory license to carry over-the-air broadcasts …

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Italy: Serie A media rights – End of the story?

As you may well be aware, Lega Nazionale Professionsti Serie A (the Italian top-tier soccer league) football rights have not yet been fully licensed. Whilst we are waiting for the results of the additional tender for the so called Package C and Package E media rights for the seasons 2015 to 2018, there is still …

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Aereo infringes broadcasters’ copyrights, US Supreme Court rules – coming impact for streaming and cloud services?

By Andrew L. Deutsch, Marc E. Miller and Melissa A. Reinckens The United States Supreme Court has held that online video startup Aereo Inc. infringes broadcasters’ copyrights in on-air programming when Aereo transmits the programs to its Internet subscribers. Ruling on June 25, the Court held that such transmissions are a public performance, and thus …

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Musicians in the theatre production ‘War Horse’ lose their legal bid

By Chris Elliott and John Cloke Musicians employed by the National Theatre in its production of War Horse at the New London Theatre have been refused their application for an interim injunction, or alternatively specific performance, to require the National Theatre to continue to engage them in the production until the trial of their claim. …

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California Federal Court Finds that the First Amendment Does Not Preclude Sporting Event Participants from Asserting Right-of-Publicity Claims Against Broadcasters

By Matthew Ganas On April 11, 2014, a California federal court issued a First Amendment ruling that has potentially significant implications for broadcasters in the sports-media industry.  Specifically, the Northern District of California’s Judge Claudia Wilken held that “the First Amendment does not guarantee media organizations an unlimited right to broadcast entire college football and …

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