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ITALY – Pisa Internet Festival – the Future of Copyright

News from the Pisa Internet Festival. Copyright, Data Protection, Internet of Things, ICT and artificial intelligence… are joining together in Pisa this week-end. Share this

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Following loss before the Supreme Court, Aereo “astonishes” broadcasters with new legal strategy

By Andrew L. Deutsch, Marc E. Miller and Melissa A. Reinckens Shortly after its highly publicized loss before the US Supreme Court (see here), which appeared to doom its over-the-air television Internet streaming business, New York-based Aereo has asserted in federal district court that it is entitled to a compulsory license to carry over-the-air broadcasts …

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Spain: Increasing pressure on criminal courts against IP rights infringements

By Ceyhun Pehlivan and Jorge Monclús The Criminal Court no. 4 of Castellón (Spain) has recently sentenced a peer-to-peer file sharing webmaster to 18 months imprisonment for a continued offence against IP rights. In addition, the Court has also banned him from exercising any activity related with websites for 3 years. He shall also pay …

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Ministry Claim Spotted Raising Original Copyright Issues

By John Wilks and Ruth Hoy A UK High Court claim filed this week by the Ministry of Sound record label against music streaming site Spotify raises some interesting issues around the originality threshold for copyright works. The claim, which was reported in the Guardian, alleges that the Ministry’s track listings (each a compilation of …

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