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New set of rules on taxation for gambling sector in Romania

On 29 December 2018 the final form of the law introducing new taxes for the online gambling sector was published in the Official Gazette by Government Emergency Ordinance no. 114/2018 (“GEO no. 114/2018”). GEO no. 114/2018 entered into force on the same day. 1. New tax duties for the online sector Article 53 of GEO …

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Update: German Sports Betting Regulation

By Dr. Michael Stulz-Herrnstadt and Christoph Engelmann The state parliament of Schleswig-Holstein announced that it will not approve the new State Treaty on Gambling. They want to push for an entire new law that includes licenses for online casinos as mentioned in their coalition agreement. In addition the administration of North Rhine-Westphalia announced that it …

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Filmspeler – Advocate General applies linking case law to Internet media players

By John Cloke, John Wilks and Alastair Mackichan Hot on the coattails of the CJEU’s ruling in GS Media (see here), the court’s Advocate General has come down hard on the seller of pre-configured media players which give access to pirated content over the Internet, in his advisory opinion in the Filmspeler case delivered last …

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UK: Online gambling operators probed over compliance with consumer protection laws

By Alastair Mackichan On 21 October 2016, the Competition and Markets Authority (the “CMA“) announced that it is launching an inquiry into the practices of online gambling operators. In particular, the CMA will scrutinise the fairness of gambling licensees’ terms and conditions following concerns raised by the Gambling Commission earlier this year.

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AUSTRALIA: Hitting Corruption for Six

By Judith Miller and Julian Conti The cricket world is in a fierce battle against the increasing use of technology in illegal bookmaking. In order to protect their interests ahead of the World Cup starting in February 2015, the International Cricket Council (ICC) is entering into agreements with the Federal Police in Australia and across …

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Belgium: Gaming Commission calls for blacklisting of free gambling apps

Patrick Van Eecke and Antoon Dierick (DLA Piper, Brussels) discuss the Belgian Gaming Commission’s call for restricting the offering of free gambling apps. By Patrick Van Eecke and Antoon Dierick In today’s Belgian national media, the Belgian Gaming Commission has pleaded to restrict the offering of free gambling applications (“apps”) which allow persons to gamble …

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Europe: EU Court of Justice takes stand against prohibitions on cross-border betting and gaming activities

By Patrick Van Eecke & Antoon Dierick Patrick Van Eecke and Antoon Dierick (both DLA Piper Brussels) comment on the latest ruling of the European Court of Justice in respect of Italian gaming an betting regulations. *** In its most recent judgment in the gambling and betting sector, the European Court of Justice on 12 …

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European Parliament Report on Online Gambling

By Patrick Van Eecke and Antoon Dierick The European Parliament today published its Report on online gambling in the internal market calling for a balanced and EU compliant approach when regulating the market. The European Parliament Resolution contains more than 50 policy statements directed towards the market, the European Commission and the Member States. The …

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Australia: Government report into Advertising and Promotion of Gambling in Sport now released

After a five month Inquiry into the Advertising and Promotion of Gambling in Sport, the Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform has reported early.   The major recommendations contained in the 78 page document are: In relation to sports betting promotion A governmental review of the gambling industry’s self regulation regarding the promotion of gambling products to …

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After the Prime Minister earlier today (26 May 2013) threatened to legislate to effect a complete ban on the airing of live betting odds during sporting events on television,  the television networks have agreed to implement the Government’s new restrictions. The restrictions outlined by the Prime Minister include: No crosses to gambling representatives either at …

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