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HUB FOCUS: Overview of tax incentives and subsidies for making video games in France

Our global Media, Sport & Entertainment Hub provides insights into various legal and commercial issues impacting on this space. As part of our “HUB FOCUS” series, we provide an extract, focusing on the main tax incentives and subsidies available for video game production in France.

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Recent Developments Regarding French Online Piracy Law

If French Internet users have been caught unlawfully sharing and/or downloading copyrighted works on the internet, they will no longer be subject to disconnection / suspension of their Internet access. On July 9, 2013 a French Decree removed this penalty. As a reminder, the so-called French “HADOPI” Law, adopted in 2009, provided for a “three …

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Sports broadcasting, gambling advertising and live odds – is further regulation needed?

By Nick Fitzpatrick and Dylan Kennett Of the many Australian traditions, there is one which unifies the country irrespective of background and geographical location – sitting down to “Friday Night Footy” with friends and family. It is quite clearly a national pastime whose roots run deep and is sacrosanct in the eyes of many. Currently, …

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ARJEL looks back at the story so far

The French regulator of online gambling, ARJEL, has recently published a report, summarising its activities in the last couple of years. This will be interesting reading (currently in French only, although we understand that an English translation will follow): http://www.arjel.fr/IMG/pdf/droit-au-pari-20130128.pdf

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CSA – News access/short extracts rights

The French Audiovisual Authority (“CSA”) has revised its deliberation aiming at enlarging the possibility to freely broadcast extracts of sport competitions, following negative comments from the EU Commission and a request from the French Ministry of Sport. If the deliberation still allows TV channels to broadcast, freely, 30 additional seconds of sport events extracts; so …

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