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HUB FOCUS: Recent film trends in the UAE

Our global Media, Sport & Entertainment Hub provides insights into various legal and commercial issues impacting on this space. As part of our “HUB FOCUS” series, we provide an extract, focussing on recent trends in the film industry in the UAE.

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UK – BBFC issues new Classification Guidelines

By Jonathan Salt On 13 January 2014, the British Board of Film Classification (“BBFC”) published new classification guidelines (the “Guidelines”) for the certification of films which will come into force on 24 February 2014.

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EU: Commission commences antitrust proceedings into film distribution

By Patrick Mitchell and Sam Churney The European Commission (the “Commission”) has initiated formal antitrust proceedings to assess various licensing agreements between European Pay-TV broadcasters and major US Film studios for broadcasting by satellite or through online streaming. The Commission will evaluate the extent to which provisions within such licensing agreements that grant “absolute territorial …

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European Commission approves the continuation of Hungarian Film Support Schemes until December 2019

The European Commission approved with its resolution as of 16 July 2008 the Hungarian film support schemes until 31 December 2013. Under this scheme a tax payer who provides support for film production which complies with certain conditions is entitled to a tax incentive. The maximum amount of support is 20% of the Hungarian expenditure of the film production …

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The New Consumer Rights Bill – The Future for Digital Content

By Patrick Mitchell and Dylan Kennett Earlier this week, the Queen delivered her annual speech at the State opening of Parliament.  Amongst the matters covered, were plans to draft the long awaited Consumer Rights Bill (the ‘Bill’) – in response to calls for simplified consumer protection laws.  Currently, there are eight pieces of related legislation …

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