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New gambling law for Germany

By Dr. Michael Stulz-Herrnstadt and Christoph Engelmann A few days after the prime minister conference decided on the amendment of the State Treaty on Gambling Germany has informed the EU commission about the proposed legislative changes. The draft of the “Second State Treaty Amending the State Treaty on Gambling” provides for a few changes of …

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New EU actions on enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

On 1 July, the European Commission has adopted two communications on (i) an Action Plan to address infringements of intellectual property rights (IPRs) in the EU and (ii) a Strategy for the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in third countries. Intellectual Property is a key driver for growth, innovation and employment, also (and even …

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EU: Commission commences antitrust proceedings into film distribution

By Patrick Mitchell and Sam Churney The European Commission (the “Commission”) has initiated formal antitrust proceedings to assess various licensing agreements between European Pay-TV broadcasters and major US Film studios for broadcasting by satellite or through online streaming. The Commission will evaluate the extent to which provisions within such licensing agreements that grant “absolute territorial …

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EU : Commission launches infringement proceedings against 6 Member States; re-ignites proceedings against Sweden

By Stephen Ketteley Today, the European Commission has called on a number of Member States to ensure compliance of their national regulatory frameworks for gambling services with the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU. The Commission has today: requested Sweden to comply with EU rules on the free movement of services with regard to …

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European Commission approves the continuation of Hungarian Film Support Schemes until December 2019

The European Commission approved with its resolution as of 16 July 2008 the Hungarian film support schemes until 31 December 2013. Under this scheme a tax payer who provides support for film production which complies with certain conditions is entitled to a tax incentive. The maximum amount of support is 20% of the Hungarian expenditure of the film production …

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EU: Commission starts analyzing new possible approaches of taxing the digital economy

By: Miguel Baz and Rodrigo Gastalver, DLA Piper Spain The European Commission considers that the current taxation system was conceived in a pre-computing age so that it must be adapted in order for the digital sector to “play fair and pay fair“. For this purpose, it has created a High Level Export Group on Taxation …

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Greece: Government sells its stake in OPAP

By Ash Averill On 12 August the Greek government put pen to paper to complete the sale of its 33% controlling stake in the gambling monopoly OPAP for €652 million to Emma Delta, an equity fund led by Czech billionaire Jiri Smejc. For the Greek government this deal must come as a huge relief, as …

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Good news for media and apps industry, public sector data to become real open data

On 10 April 2013, the European Commission’s efforts to further open-up public sector information for re-use across Europe have taken an important hurdle. At this date, the EU Council’s ‘Coreper’ committee (i.e. the EU Committee of Member States’ Permanent Representatives), endorsed the Commission’s Open Data rules, implying an update of the Directive 2003/98/EC of 17 …

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