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Germany: German Federal High Court rules on two eBay offer listing cases

On 12 November 2014, the German Federal High Court (BGH) ruled that a sales contract for a used car concluded on the internet platform eBay was valid, even though the seller ended the listing early when the buyer’s initial offer of EUR 1 remained the highest bid (BGH VIII ZR 41/14). As the defendant (the …

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ITALY: Specialization Course on “New Technologies and Media Laws” – Join us!

Join us at the Specialization Course on “New Technologies and Media Laws” at the University of Milan. The registration for the new (and revised) edition of the Specialization Course is now open until 15 February 2015. Share this

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Europe: Right to be forgotten guidelines adopted by WP29

By Patrick Van Eecke & Julie De Bruyn The Article 29 Working Party, the European data protection advisory body consisting of representatives of the national data protection authorities of the EU Member States, announced yesterday that they have adopted guidelines – for national data protection authorities – on the implementation of the Court of Justice’s ruling on the …

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Data Protection Laws

We’re pleased to remind you about our “Data Protection Laws of the World Handbook”, covering over 70 territories. To access the Handbook please visit here. This Handbook offers a quick overview of the areas of data protection law that have the most practical significance to businesses, including: International data transfer restrictions; Security obligations; Breach notification …

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ITALY – Internet liability rules change (again) after Wikipedia case

Internet liability rules applicable to Wikipedia are different from the ones with which YouTube has to comply according to the Court of Rome as Wikipedia has now been declared not liable to for the defamatory contents published by its users.  Share this

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EU: Update on Google’s Right to be forgotten

By Patrick Van Eecke and Anthony Cornette In an earlier blog post, Patrick Van Eecke and Anthony Cornette discussed the impact of the ECJ Case C-131/12. The authors now provide some further insight on the latest developments relating to the ECJ case on the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ Share this

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The Garden State Goes Online

By Dylan Kennett On 26 November, online gambling was officially given the green light in the state of New Jersey, in what has been a highly anticipated liberalisation of their gambling market.  Pundits and stakeholders alike will be eager to follow the experiment as a test-case, as New Jersey is the most populous state to legalise …

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Belgium: Pirate Bay, Supreme Court confirms lawfulness of generic IP blocking injunctions

By Patrick Van Eecke, Alexis Fierens and Ivanka Zdravkova (DLA Piper – Brussels) By the judgment rendered on 22 October 2013 in the Belgian version of the long-lasting The Pirate Bay saga, the Belgian Court of Cassation (Belgium’s Supreme Court) confirmed the lawfulness of a far-reaching injunction order against all national Internet service providers. According …

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Mosley against Google: game, set but not match yet

By Patrick Van Eecke and Antoon Dierick – DLA Piper Brussels On November 6, a Paris Court ordered Google to filter out hyperlinks to images of former F1 boss Max Mosley in an allegedly Nazi-themed sadomasochistic orgy. (TGI Paris, 17e ch., 6 novembre 2013, RG 11/07970, Max Mosley c. Google Inc et Google France) This judgement …

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EU: Commission starts analyzing new possible approaches of taxing the digital economy

By: Miguel Baz and Rodrigo Gastalver, DLA Piper Spain The European Commission considers that the current taxation system was conceived in a pre-computing age so that it must be adapted in order for the digital sector to “play fair and pay fair“. For this purpose, it has created a High Level Export Group on Taxation …

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