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BELGIUM: Belgian Privacy Commission fires its first warning shot to Facebook

By Patrick Van Eecke and Mathieu Le Boudec Based on its on-going investigation of Facebook’s new terms and conditions, the Belgian Privacy Commission has issued a public recommendation (which can be consulted here in English language). The document focuses on the applicable law and competence of the Belgian Privacy Commission and on the use of …

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Europe’s Right to be forgotten: update on implementation guidelines

By Patrick Van Eecke and Mathieu Le Boudec Last week we wrote that the Article 29 Working Party (“Working Party 29”) has adopted guidelines relating to the implementation of the European Court of Justice’s Google ruling on the right to be forgotten. Click here for a previous blog post on this ruling. These guidelines have …

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Europe: Right to be forgotten guidelines adopted by WP29

By Patrick Van Eecke & Julie De Bruyn The Article 29 Working Party, the European data protection advisory body consisting of representatives of the national data protection authorities of the EU Member States, announced yesterday that they have adopted guidelines – for national data protection authorities – on the implementation of the Court of Justice’s ruling on the …

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USA: Connected Cars & Privacy: Automotive industry adopts consumer privacy principles

by Patrick Van Eecke and Julie De Bruyn Last week proved to be an important week for privacy and data protection in the US: while representatives of the European Commission were negotiating with US representatives on government surveillance and the extension of the US Privacy Act to EU citizens, the US Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers …

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Big Data, Big Privacy Issues

By Patrick Van Eecke & Mathieu Le Boudec Last week, a resolution on big data was adopted under the auspices of the 36th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (hereafter: “ICDPPC”). After earlier guiding documents released this year by, among others, the Executive Office of the President of the United States, the Information …

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GLOBAL: Mobile apps – increasing privacy transparency is on top of your to-do list!

Patrick Van Eecke & Elisabeth Verbrugge As previously announced, the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) recently released the results of the global privacy sweep of mobile applications it conducted in May 2014. More than 25 privacy commissions around the world examined a total of 1,211 mobile apps. The sweep targeted both Apple and Android apps, …

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EU: Update on Google’s Right to be forgotten

By Patrick Van Eecke and Anthony Cornette In an earlier blog post, Patrick Van Eecke and Anthony Cornette discussed the impact of the ECJ Case C-131/12. The authors now provide some further insight on the latest developments relating to the ECJ case on the ‘Right to be Forgotten’

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European Court of Justice rules right to be forgotten principle applicable to search engines

By Patrick van Eecke In a landmark ruling the European Court of Justice has ruled that search engines, as a principle, need to remove the link between search results and a webpage if it contains information the individual deems should be “forgotten”. In short, the Court decided that: Indexing information by a search engine is …

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EU – International data transfers from processors to processors made easier, good news for cloud providers and outsourcers

By Patrick Van Eecke and Elisabeth Verbrugge Working Party 29 issued a working document on model clauses for personal data transfers from EU data processors to non-EU sub-processors. This is an important step towards creating a more comprehensive framework for contract-based personal data transfers outside the EEA. European data protection laws in principle prohibit the …

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Belgium: Beware of the barking Privacy Watchdog, she’s biting

MORE ENFORCEMENT POWERS FOR BELGIAN PRIVACY COMMISSION By Patrick Van Eecke and Julie De Bruyn (DLA Piper – Brussels) The quietness in the privacy landscape in Belgium is about to drastically change. Reason for the change of pace are the recent major data breaches that were published by the media. The Privacy Commission announced it …

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