Polish blacklist of gambling websites

On 1 April 2017, the Polish Regulator set up a gambling domain names blacklist. It will contain all gambling games websites addressed to recipients in Poland (i.e. in particular the websites that are in Polish or are advertised in Poland) which are run by gambling operators that do not have a Polish licence.

Any operator whose domain name is entered in the Register may appeal to the Polish Regulator (the Minister of Development and Finance) within two months of the day on which its domain name appears in the Register and present its justification for its entry being deleted. The Regulator then has seven days to issue an administrative decision on either leaving a given domain name in the Register or deleting it. The Regulator’s decision can be appealed against to administrative courts.

The official name of the blacklist is the Register of domain names used for the offering of gambling games contrary to the [Gambling] Act – it can be accessed here: https://hazard.mf.gov.pl/