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ITALY – Innovation and Startups – In memory of Enrico Gasperini

(From our post for the Corriere della Sera, in memory of our friend Enrico Gasperini)

This blog is mainly about the digital world, innovation and startups. And when it comes to such topics, our mind goes to Enrico Gasperini, the founder of the startups incubator Digital Magics.

Enrico passed away few weeks ago. For those who did not have the privilege to know him, see here a video about his charisma.

Enrico Gasperini

In memory of Enrico, we would like to recall his White Paper for the startups, with which he wanted to give contribution to all innovative start-ups (and our country).

Few proposals, eight hints which could still make a world of difference in a country, like ours, with one of the highest private savings ratio.

  1. Tax relief for startups (for both the personal income tax – IRPEF- and corporate income tax -IRES-).
  2. Tax incentives for Open Innovation (purchase of products/services from innovative startups for the internal innovation of a company), with the inclusion within the definition of “innovative startups” also of digital startups operating in technologically “mature” sectors.
  3. Increase of crowdfunding, including the removal of the underwriting bond by banks by 5% and the provision of a single MiFID profiling form.
  4. Removal of regulatory limits and provision of incentives for Undertakings in Collective Investment (UCIs) for Asset Management Companies (AMCs) in direct or indirect investments in startups.
  5. Creation of open-ended funds to ensure the collection, through investments, of at least € 1 billion from the Asset Management Industry into startups.
  6. Creation of a matching fund with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, involving Italian industrial players, institutional investors and qualified investors which co-invest with the Fund in the seed stage.
  7. Creation of an Italian Founders Institute for the active promotion of Made in Italy through accelerator programs, and application of incentives for the repatriation of qualified personnel from abroad.
  8. Harmonization of rules of engagement of the regional funds in order to ensure a national and systematic approach of funding matching, and simplified funding access.

Dear Enrico, not everything is lost. We see with great joy that there are so many people that have drawn inspiration from you. We will miss your laugh and your ability to grasp the positive in everything.


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