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Italy: Italian sportsbetting full liberalisation fast tracked!

The full liberalisation of sportsbetting in Italy is already in place as a consequence of a recent move by the gaming regulator.

I discussed in the past about the upcoming full liberalisation of the sportsbetting sector in Italy as a consequence of the publication of the new protocol of communication. Such new protocol is expected to be adopted by March 2016, but the Italian gaming regulator, AAMS, has decided to fast-track the liberalisation process.

While up until now operators had to operate both under the old regime for bets and events included in the official schedule published by the regulator and under the new regime for their own customized bets and events, the regulator NOW already allowed operators to run their platform only under the new regime also with reference to the bets and events included in the AAMS official list.

This is an important change as the new regime allows operators to have a full control of the events and to notify to the regulator the outcome enabling them to pay the winnings much faster than in the past.

Also, such change has been accompanied by an additional flexibility of the gaming regulator in accepting the offering of new types of bets/events. The sole applicable restrictions would be

  • the inability by the operator to certify the outcome of the event;
  • the contrast of the event with public morality and public order;
  • the incitement to the commission of crimes, violent conducts or discrimination;
  • the connection of the bet with the outcome of court proceedings;
  • the involvement with the private life of individuals.

Apart from the above, operators will be able to enrich their offering making the sportsbetting market more competitive. And this happens a few months before the award of new betting shop and online gaming licenses.


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