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UK: The future looks set for a wireless world – OFCOM consultation on the Internet of Things


In a bid to grow connections and boost investment and innovation in the ‘internet of things’, the UK communications regulator – Ofcom- has launched a consultation regarding the potential allocation of existing VHF spectrum to the “Internet of Things” community.

Internet of Things

As a reminder, the “Internet of Things” is a network of ‘smart’ objects or ‘things’ which are embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity, meaning they can interconnect and share data with each another via “machine-to-machine” communications. It enables these things to be controlled remotely across a prevailing network infrastructure.

Already in the UK, more than 40 million devices are connected via the Internet of Things. Ofcom predicts that this will grow eight-fold by 2022 so that hundreds of millions of devices will carry out over a billion daily data transactions.

Benefits of 10MHZ VHF spectrum

Ofcom suggests that using the high frequency 10MHZ VHF spectrum would be beneficial for making wireless connections over long distances in the UK. The regulator indicates that these frequencies will allow machine-to-machine applications to communicate wirelessly over longer distances and in more remote locations than is already in use by the Internet of Things community.

Next steps

The Ofcom consultation is due to close on 12 November 2015. The regulator plans to publish a statement before the end of the year. Please find the consultation paper here.

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