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AUSTRALIA: WADA v Essendon CAS Proceedings

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) hearing for the World Anti-Doping Authority’s (WADA) appeal against the decision of the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal clearing the players involved in the Essendon supplements saga has been set down for October. The appeal will be heard in Sydney, Australia.

The panel of arbitrators has been appointed, as follows:

  • Michael Beloff QC
  • Jim Spigelman QC (Essendon’s nominee)
  • Romano Subiotto QC (WADA’s nominee)

In making their decision, the panel will assess whether the evidence presented passes the “comfortable satisfaction” test, which lies in between the civil threshold (“balance of probabilities”) and criminal threshold (“beyond reasonable doubt”) burdens of proof.

The laywers leading the cases for the respective parties are Neil Clelland QC (for Essendon) and Richard Young (for WADA).

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