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Digital Terrestrial Television – New LCN Plan!

Last week the Autorità per le garanzie nelle comunicazioni (Italian TLC Authority – “Authority”) approved the new LCN Plan (see release).

As you may recall from our previous posts and videos, after the recent decisions by the Consiglio di Stato (Administrative Supreme Court) that annulled the prior regulation on LCN, the Authority had to start the process all over again.

The Authority’s new resolution is the result of a consultation process that involved the various stakeholders, avoiding the pitfalls that made the prior regulation invalid.

The Authority confirmed the numbering as was previously allocated for no. 7, 8 and 9 for the ex-generalist channels (including La7 and MTV Italia), on the basis of the results of a new survey that determined that only 1% of the viewers decided to change the current numbering in the LCN setting in favour of a local channel.

Besides the new numbering for local channels, it is worth noting that the Authority redefined the first and second “arch of channels” (i.e. 1 to 99 and 101 to 199) so as to ensure the development of “the native digital channels

The Plan will be reviewed after two years, taking into account the market and technology development, as well as the viewers’ habits.

To ensure a smooth transition, the current numbering will in any event be maintained until the new numbering will definitively be allocated by the Ministry. It is now up to the Ministry to proceed with the final decision and the issue will no doubt remain very heated.

Let’s hope that the process will now speed-up.

Please contact me, Giangiacomo Olivi (giangiacomo.olivi@dlapiper.com), if you want to know more about this topic!

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