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CSA – News access/short extracts rights

The French Audiovisual Authority (“CSA”) has revised its deliberation aiming at enlarging the possibility to freely broadcast extracts of sport competitions, following negative comments from the EU Commission and a request from the French Ministry of Sport. If the deliberation still allows TV channels to broadcast, freely, 30 additional seconds of sport events extracts; so that the total allowance is 90 seconds per hour, the revised document restricts this right to TV channels and their catch up TV services. So, the main difference is that the Internet operators do not benefit from this free broadcast possibility, unlike what was provided in the CSA’s first draft of deliberation. However, no final document has yet been released and the members of the CSA should meet on January 22, 2013 to discuss this topic. An update will be provided when the final deliberation will be officially made public.

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