DLA Piper eSports law booklet is now published!

The eSports law booklet from the Italian IPT team of DLA Piper covers a number of current and upcoming legal issues of eSports and how to deal with them.

The eSports market has grown at a tremendous pace over the past few years becoming a half billion dollar industry and it is quickly seducing an increasing number of fans, operators and investors. Beside the huge growth, the industry is rapidly evolving, going from content consumed largely through streaming platforms to network-backed streaming services.

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Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority to conduct an extensive assessment on the legitimacy of the state operated legal gambling monopoly in 2019

Finland has traditionally had one of the most stringent gambling regimes in the EU with a legal monopoly in place under the Lottery Act (2001/1047). The legal monopoly for the execution and marketing of physical and remote gambling games resides with Veikkaus Oy Ab, a legal entity owned fully by the Finnish government. The monopoly covers games of chance, betting, toto games, slots machines and casinos. Gambling profits are distributed under the Lottery Act to “good …

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Directive on copyright in the digital single market

The revised proposal for the new Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market (the “Directive”) has entered its final round of trilogue negotiations (closed door negotiations between the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council). The Directive is intended to reform and modernise the EU’s outdated legislation in order to make copyright rules fit for the digital age. The final form of the Directive was agreed last Wednesday.

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UK – New CMA guidance for influencers and commitments secured with particular individuals

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority announced yesterday, following its investigation (see our earlier article available here), that it has secured commitments from 16 social media influencers about how they post online (see link to CMA press release here). The influencers, including singer Rita Ora and model Alexa Chung, have agreed to clearly state if they are in a commercial relationship, or are receiving payment in kind, for any products that they endorse on their social media channels.

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New set of rules on taxation for gambling sector in Romania

On 29 December 2018 the final form of the law introducing new taxes for the online gambling sector was published in the Official Gazette by Government Emergency Ordinance no. 114/2018 (“GEO no. 114/2018”). GEO no. 114/2018 entered into force on the same day. 1. New tax duties for the online sector Article 53 of GEO no. 114/2018 provides that starting with 01 January 2019 the online gambling organizers are obliged to pay a monthly tax …

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Key dates set for coming into force of the new Audio-visual Media Services Directive

On 28 November 2018, Directive (EU 2018/1808) (“New Directive”) revising the existing Audiovisual Media Services Directive (2010/13/EU) (“AVMSD”) was published in the Official Journal of the European Union. As such the key dates for when the New Directive comes into force and by when member states must transpose it into national legislation have been confirmed.

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New UK Advertising Regulator 5 year Strategy focuses on Online Impact

Yesterday at a conference hosted by the UK advertising regulator, the ASA, billed as “The future of ad regulation”, the ASA announced its new 5 year plan entitled “More impact online”, with an ambition of making every UK ad responsible (see link here).Reflecting on the change in landscape that has occurred, Guy Parker, Chief Executive of the ASA, who unveiled the new strategy, noted that despite only being within the ASA’s remit since 2011, online “advertiser-owned ” ads (e.g. ads on company websites and social media pages) account for over half of the ASA’s work and in 2017 around 88% of ads that were amended or withdrawn were online ads (in whole or in part).

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Australia – Navigating social media advertising

Worldwide, there has been increased regulatory scrutiny of social media influencers, including the UK’s ASA guidance (see previous update by John Wilks and Claire Sng) and Competition and Markets Authority investigation, the European Commission’s ‘Behavioural Study on Advertising and Marketing Practices in Social Media’, and the recent crackdown by South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission.

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Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board begin analysing multiple-screen viewing

Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board begin analysing multiple-screen viewing BARB, the TV audience measurement body, announced that from 25 September 2018 they will make available  programme viewing figures across four devices (TV, tablets, PCs and smartphones) in the United Kingdom. The “four-screen” viewing figures are the first stage of the on-going Project Dovetail, an initiative established to meet the TV and advertising industry’s need to understand the way in which viewers are consuming content on devices …

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Deal or no-deal? UPC Implications following a no-deal Brexit

This week, the UK Government released multiple technical notes detailing the intellectual property implications of a no-deal Brexit for exhaustion of rights, patents, trademarks and designs, and copyright. A few months ago, the idea of a no-deal Brexit was only entertained as a highly unlikely, ‘worst-case scenario’. This series of notes provides an update on the government’s plan in light of a hard Brexit.

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