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Transactions in the retail and fashion industry: keeping your brand in shape

While the fashion and retail industry tries to keep up with the pace of the global digital evolution and changing consumer needs, brands need to stay in shape for possible investment or takeover. Profitability is usually the primary objective when buying a fashion business; however, there are several other crucial factors that a buyer or …

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Our top six tips on how to master the brand and fashion blogger relationship

Brand-blogger collaborations can seriously add to brand engagement and awareness: the brand benefits from the blogger’s social media networks and online fame and receives positive exposure to a new audience. To achieve the desired effect, it is important for the brand to handle the brand-blogger relationship correctly.

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New CBA Fashion & Sport Inretail

The latest collective bargaining agreement for the Dutch Fashion and Sports industry (CBA Fashion & Sport Inretail) was effective from 1 July 2012 until 1 October 2013. Recently the parties finally reached a draft agreement on a new CBA Fashion & Sport Inretail, after over a year of negotiations, which final version came online last week. …

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