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Payment services legislation in full swing: three significant changes

The legislation that is applicable to the payment services market is currently subject to a lot of developments. In this blog an overview is provided of the highlights with regard to the development as of the first Payment Services Directive until the final draft regulatory technical standards published by the European Banking Authority on 23 …

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Dutch Central Bank Supervision Outlook 2017

At the end of 2016, the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank, “DNB“) published its Supervision Outlook 2017. This document presents DNB’s priorities related to their supervision of financial industries. Furthermore, the document identifies DNB’s view on the principal risks and challenges for the Dutch financial industry. This article summarizes the contents of DNB’s Supervision …

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Extension of suitability and integrity screening per 1 April 2015

Board members and supervisory board members of Dutch banks and insurance companies should be screened on suitability and integrity prior to their appointment. Per 1 April 2015, the scope of the individuals who are subject to screening on suitability and integrity has been extended to cover second-tier officers. As a result, individuals who hold or …

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Government moves to protect derivatives investors against bankruptcy of intermediaries


The Dutch government has published a consultation document on the legislative proposal for the Financial Markets Amendment Act 2016 (Amendment Act). The Amendment Act contains new rules regarding the protection of derivatives investors in the case of the bankruptcy of their intermediary (a bank, investment firm or clearing institution, hereinafter the Intermediary). The purpose of …

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