Wijziging pensioenleeftijd en waardeoverdracht

Afgelopen vrijdag plaatsten we al een blog over de uitspraak van de rechtbank Limburg met betrekking to de eenzijdige verhoging van pensioenleeftijd.

In dit blog willen wij het volgende verduidelijken. De kwestie betreft een verhoging van de pensioenleeftijd. Een item waar veel werkgevers en pensioenuitvoerders in verband met de gewijzigde fiscale pensioenrichtleeftijd mee te maken hebben.

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Eenzijdige verhoging van de pensioenleeftijd is niet toegestaan

Eenzijdige verhoging van de pensioenleeftijd is niet toegestaan. Ook niet nu de verhoging van de pensioenleeftijd verband hield met de verhoging van de fiscale pensioenrichtleeftijd. Volgens art. 83 pensioenwet kan rechthebbende individueel bezwaar maken.

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Implementation of the UBO-register further delayed up to the summer 2018

Earlier this year, DLA Piper provided a multi-jurisdictional overview of the implementation of the UBO register in several EEA jurisdictions, including the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Furthermore, DLA Piper Netherlands submitted some critical remarks as a response to the Dutch draft legislative proposal for implementation of the UBO register.
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Continued: new prevailed direction in the profiteering policy disputes?

KifidIn the beginning of this year, we posted a blog concerning the duty of disclosure of information of insurers regarding profiteering policies. Our conclusion: discords between several judicial authorities bring uncertainty to the position of insurers in the profiteering policy conflicts. We anticipated that the coming judgements might eliminate this uncertainty. What happened in the meantime?

Several (sometimes contradictory) rulings of district courts and a court of appeal were published. Furthermore – and more importantly – the Rotterdam district court published its ruling on the longstanding dispute between insurer Nationale-Nederlanden Levensverzekering Maatschappij N.V. (“NN”) and interest group Woekerpolis.nl. In this dispute, Woekerpolis.nl represents hundreds of thousands profiteering policy holders.
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European Court of Justice awards credit institutions home-field advantage

On 15 June 2017 the European Court of Justice held that disputes related to a credit agreement must be brought before the court of the state in which the credit institution is located. A credit institution can therefore bring a claim for repayment of a debt before the court of the state in which the credit institution is located. The same applies for recourse claims brought by jointly and severally liable debtors. The judgment is directly applicable in all member states of the European Union except Denmark.

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Payment services legislation in full swing: three significant changes

PSDThe legislation that is applicable to the payment services market is currently subject to a lot of developments. In this blog an overview is provided of the highlights with regard to the development as of the first Payment Services Directive until the final draft regulatory technical standards published by the European Banking Authority on 23 February 2017. In the below overview, particular attention is dedicated to the first Dutch draft of legislation for the second Payment Services Directive, that was published for consultation in November 2016.

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Vormen van bestemmingsreserve voor VPL-aanspraken uit eigen pensioenvermogen niet in strijd met pensioenwet

PensioenHet geschil

Pensioenfonds Slagers heeft een bestemmingsreserve gevormd voor VPL-aanspraken uit het eigen pensioenvermogen. Volgens DNB is door deze reservevorming sprake van een verboden premiekorting, zou de norm van evenwichtige belangenbehartiging zijn geschonden en zou er geen sprake zijn van integere bedrijfsvoering. DNB geeft een aanwijzing die onder meer inhoudt dat het fonds de VPL-bestemmingsreserve gedeeltelijk moet laten vrijvallen ten gunste van het eigen pensioenvermogen.

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Kifid and District Court views on ‘profiteering policies’ diametrically opposed?

KifidWithin fourteen days, two different views on the duty of disclosure regarding profiteering policies were published. Opposite to the ruling of the Kifid, the District Court ruled in a similar case that the insurer had no additional duty of disclosure. This discords between the Kifid ruling and the District Court ruling bring uncertainty to the position of insurers that provided similar profiteering policies around the same issue date.

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Dutch Central Bank Supervision Outlook 2017

financial sector outlookAt the end of 2016, the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank, “DNB“) published its Supervision Outlook 2017. This document presents DNB’s priorities related to their supervision of financial industries. Furthermore, the document identifies DNB’s view on the principal risks and challenges for the Dutch financial industry. This article summarizes the contents of DNB’s Supervision Outlook 2017.

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Dutch Gaming Authority reveals totalizator licensing procedure

Dutch remote gambling actYesterday’s news issued by the Dutch games of chance authority (Kansspelautoriteit, “KSA”) marked the kickoff of a phased totalizator licensing procedure. The KSA announced a transparent process in which a single license for horse and harness racing bets will be granted to a new license holder in the period 2017 to 2022.

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