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Kalecka Emilia

New aid solutions in relation to COVID-19 – Shield 6.0

On 15 December 2020, the sixth in a series of so-called Anti-Crisis Shields, also known as the Industry Shield, was published in the Journal of Laws. The new regulations are aimed at around 40 sectors, including retail, food and services, transport and culture. Enterprises whose main activity fell under a specific code of the Polish …

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New restrictions in connection with COVID-19

The Regulation of 6th November 2020 introduced new restrictions connected with the COVID-19 pandemic, which may have a significant impact on the functioning of many employers. Below, we present the most important of them: Closed shops in shopping malls except grocery shops, shops selling cosmetics, building and repair products, articles for pets, newspapers or books; …

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Recalculating the benefit base

The Anti-Crisis Shield, which we have discussed many times, provided for the possibility of reducing the working hours of employees as part of the support provided to companies. However, this has led to negative consequences for people on sickness, care and parental benefits, and in particular for women who gave birth and acquired the right …

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