Labour law updates and recommendations

Minimum wage in 2022

On 14 September 2021, the Council of Ministers issued a Regulation on the amount of the minimum monthly wage and the amount of the minimum hourly rate in 2022. As a result, from 1 January 2022, employers are obliged to pay full-time employees at least PLN 3,010 per month. The minimum wage rate has also increased for contractors, who will now receive at least PLN 19.70 for each hour of providing services.

The increase in the minimum wage rate also affects other financial benefits received by employees and related to their employment. At least PLN 3,010 will now be the remuneration for downtime, the guaranteed remuneration, compensation for unequal treatment, as well as compensation for mobbing or for the termination of an employment contract by an employee as a result of mobbing.  Additionally, the allowance for night work will increase, as it is 20% of the hourly rate resulting from the minimum wage.

The maximum amount of severance pay for collective redundancies will also change – now it cannot exceed fifteen times the minimum wage (PLN 45,150). However, if the provisions of the special COVID-19 legislation remain in force throughout 2022, the severance pay will remain limited to ten times the minimum wage, i.e. PLN 30,100.


Justyna Helbing, Intern