Labour law updates and recommendations

The possibility of remote working is extended!

In order to limit the spread of COVID-19, employers in Poland were given the right to order their employees to work remotely without the need to make any changes to their employment contracts or obtain their consent. Employers were initially given this right until 4 September 2020; however, this deadline has now been extended. Employers can now order their employees to work remotely during the period of an emergency or epidemic declared due to COVID-19, and for three months after it has ended.

We would like to remind you that employers are not obliged to order all employees to work remotely. According to the applicable regulations, employees ordered to work remotely should have the appropriate skills and technical and accommodation capabilities to do so, and at the same time the type of work should allow it. Remote working orders can also be revoked by the employer at any time, allowing for a flexible response to the needs of the business.