Labour law updates and recommendations

Flexible place and time of work for parents caring for sick children

New provisions of the Labour Code recently came into force which introduce significant changes in flexible working arrangements for employees who are parents taking care of sick children.

The changes concern employees who are expecting the baby provided that the pregnancy is at risk, parents of children who have a certificate of severe and irreversible impairment or an incurable life-threatening illness that arose during prenatal development or delivery, as well as employees who are parents of children with disabilities or who have special educational needs, (including those over the age of 18 years). In the case of the indicated categories of employees, employers are obliged to accept their application to work as teleworkers, unless the type of work or the organisation thereof makes it impossible. The employee should be informed of the reason for refusal in paper or electronic form.

Importantly, the above principles are also applicable in the case of parents of sick children who for example express a desire to work irregular or flexible hours, or under individual work schedules.