Labour law updates and recommendations

Changes in the way of paying employees’ remuneration

As of 1 January 2019, employers will be required to pay remuneration into the bank accounts indicated by their employees, unless an employee submits a request to receive the remuneration in person.

In practice, this means that  employers will be not longer obliged to obtain consent from an employee to pay the remuneration by bank transfer into an account indicated by the employee.

These new rules on paying remuneration will require amending the employer’s internal bylaws, including workplace regulations or remuneration regulations (if they provide for different rules of paying remuneration).

Within 21 days of the new provisions coming into force, the employer additionally will have to inform employees who receive their remuneration in person to provide the number of a bank account into which the remuneration is to be transferred or to submit a request to continue to receive their remuneration in person. If an employee submits a relevant request or if the employee does not provide his/her bank account details, the employer will be required to pay the remuneration in person.