Labour law updates and recommendations

Electronic employment-related documentation

On 1 January 2019, new provisions of the Labour Code will come into force which introduce significant changes to the way of keeping employment-related documentation. Employers are currently required to keep most employment-related documentation in paper form; however, the new law will allow such documentation also to be kept in electronic form.

Employers who want to make this change will be obliged to make a digital copy of the paper documents kept in the employees’ personnel files and then certify their authenticity, e.g. by using a qualified electronic signature.

Importantly, employers who decide to make the change will have to inform their current and former employees about it and give them the chance to collect their paper documents within 30 days.

The detailed rules of keeping employment-related documentation in electronic form will be set forth in separate regulations implementing the changes – these will probably be published within the next few months. We will keep you updated about any changes in this regard.