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Penalty clause unenforceable where non-compete obligation is invalid

If a post-contractual non-compete obligation is invalid and therefore non-binding, a penalty clause intended to protect this clause is unenforceable (judgment of the Solingen labour court dated 20 June 2017, docket number 3 Ca 153/17). The employee worked for a travel agent and had mainly sold cruises. The employee’s contract included a post-contractual non-compete obligation …

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Financial compensation entitlement for post-contractual non-compete based on standard saving clause

In German law, a post-contractual non-competition agreement with an employee is only effective if it provides the employee with appropriate financial compensation. The financial compensation must amount to at least 50% of the previous income. If no such compensation is provided, the post-contractual non-competition clause is, by force of law, invalid.   Nevertheless, the Hamm …

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