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Good news for parents? – Interpretation of social plan severance provisions

If, in a social compensation plan, the severance payment calculation is based solely on the gross monthly basic salary of a single reference month, the decisive salary of employees who work part-time in that month during their parental leave, is the gross monthly basic salary which they would have been entitled to under their employment …

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Return from part-time to full time employment – new legislative initiative planned to become effective in 2019

Not long ago, the former German government failed to implement a right to return from part-time to full-time employment for employees. In May 2017, former German Secretary of Employment, Andrea Nahles, had to admit that her party’s plan to strengthen employee rights had not been implemented. Just recently, the tide has turned: After the new …

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The right to extend working hours – sec 9 Act on Part-Time Work and Fixed-Term Employment (TzBfG)

Many employees want flexibility at work; often, this means there is a desire to work part-time (less than 40 hours a week). However the reverse case is also not uncommon; an employee wants to increase his working hours, particularly to earn more money. Both cases are covered by German law. However, there is a claim …

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