Covid-19: Restrictions on travel to Germany

In light of current Covid-19 developments, restrictions on travel to Germany are constantly changing. If the traveller is not able to produce the required documentation, there is a risk that either the airline or the border authority of the Schengen State of first entry, or the German Federal Police, may deny entry to Germany. In the last two cases, the individual’s passport may be seized and the immediate return flight booked by the authorities.


In order to have uniform rules where possible, a new ordinance has been issued by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community on quarantine regulations for travellers entering Germany from abroad. The regulations based on this and implemented by the Federal States will be in force as of 8th November (or in some states earlier).


Under the new regulations, the following changes are expected:

  1. For Germany, travel restrictions apply for entry from a large number of countries. These are issued by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community. Entry from those so called risk countries is only possible in exceptional cases and is conditional on there being an urgent Need. For business travelers further restrictions apply, e.g. the requirement to carry a certain form.
  2. From 8 November 2020 all travellers to Germany have to register online prior to their entry on the website , if they have stayed in a risk area, as defined by the Robert Koch Institute, within the last 10 days prior to their entry to Germany. Also they must be able to present proof of this registration when entering Germany.
  3. After arriving at their destination in Germany, the respective individuals must self-isolate at home for 10 days. If no other grounds for exception apply, these individuals may only be released from the obligation to self-isolate at home – no earlier than 5 days after entering Germany– if they provide proof of a negative PCR test result. It is no longer possible to prevent quarantine by a prior negative Covid-test.

As the various Federal regulations differ and contain exceptions, we highly recommend to review the regulations in place for each Federal State the individual will visit as well as any updates available by the German Federal Police and the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community.