Minimum wage increase

The statutory minimum wage increases: to 9.19 euros on 1 January 2019 and to 9.35 euros per hour on 1 January 2020. This has been decided by the minimum wage commission. The increase is higher than expected.

The minimum wage is currently 8.84 euros gross per hour. Every two years, the Minimum Wage Commission (which consists of representatives of employers, unions and science) advises on adjusting the amount. . In doing so, it examines the level of the minimum wage that is suitable for contributing to an adequate minimum protection of employees, to enable fair and efficient conditions of competition, and not to jeopardize employment. Orientation is provided by general CBA developments.

Increase of 5.8 percent: According to the Commission’s proposal, the statutory minimum wage will rise by a total of 51 cents or 5.8 percent to 9.35 euros over the next two years. With this proposal the Commission goes beyond the expected increase. Looking at average increases of the past two years at CBA level, as suggested by the Commission’s Statutes for the normal case, it would have increased to EUR 9.19 per hour.