Daily Archive: September 29, 2017

Allowances for work on Sundays, bank holidays or at night are protected against attachment

On 23 August 2017 the Federal Labour Court ruled (judgment, 10 AZR 859/16) that allowances for work on Sundays, on bank holidays and at night are protected against attachment so far as the amount of such payments is common practice. Whether the extent and amount of such allowances are “common”, which means they are protected …

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Ineffectiveness of a suspicion termination after the disappearance of 115.000 Euro

In order to protect employees from termination where there is suspicion that they have committed a crime, such a termination is subject to very strict conditions. In particular, the probability that the suspected employee is in fact guilty of the assumed crime has to be so high that the suspicion is considered urgent. The urgency …

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