Gold gone – job gone?

An employee who had been employed by a bank for 20 years was dismissed for cause with immediate effect when some gold within her charge went missing. Last September, renovations were taking place in the bank’s cellar creating chaos and disorder. An unexpected gold delivery worth EUR 300,000 arrived. The employee was responsible for transporting the gold to the vault. According to the bank’s rules, she was supposed to alert one of her colleagues to the delivery and transport the gold together with this person to the vault. However, instead she put the gold into her personal container (which could not be locked) and left for the weekend. When she returned to work the following Monday, the gold was gone. The parties decided to settle the anti-dismissal claim before the Labour Court of Düsseldorf. According to the settlement, the employment relationship will continue until the end on June 30, 2014 without a severance payment, the employee will continue to be released from work and the bank will not raise claims against the employee for damages due to loss of gold. The gold continues to be missing.