Making a fortune while sleeping

A bank-employee was fired after accidentally transferring the tremendous sum of € 222,222,222.22 instead of € 64.20, as had been requested by the client. The employee`s task was to check and approve transfer orders entered into the system by colleagues. Even though the mistake was obvious and had happened when a colleague fell asleep for a moment while pressing the “2” on the keyboard, she failed to identify it due to the heavy workload. The employer terminated the employement of the bank-employee and argued that the woman did not fulfil her tasks to check every single order properly. The employer claimed pretending to do so, she tried to deceive him. 

On February 7, 2013, the Higher Labour Court (Landesarbeitsgericht, LAG) Hessen considered the dismissal unlawful (docket number: 9 Sa 1315/12). The judges argued that the employee had to check 800 orders on that day, which left her with only 1.5 seconds for most of them. Given the large amount and frenetic pace, the woman did not intentionally deceive the employer but simply did not work thoroughly. This is a grave mistake that would have called for a written warning but did not justify a termination of the employment.