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Italy: No new taxes on online gaming

There will be no additional taxes on online gaming in Italy according to a declaration by the director general of the Italian gambling authority, Mr. Luigi Magistro, at the online gaming conference organized by the European Social and Economic Committee. Read the rest of this entry »

Spain: increased monitoring by the tax authorities

A couple of days ago the Spanish tax authorities published their 2013 Tax Audit Plan. This document contains the guidelines that will guide the monitoring and inspecting actions of the tax authorities during the course of 2013. Read the rest of this entry »

Italy: Task force against illegal gaming

The Italian Government has just established a task force against tax frauds in the gaming sector whose components are officers of the Ministry of Finance, the Tax Police and some tax agencies. according to the news of today. Read the rest of this entry »

Germany: uniform sports betting tax introduced

The German legislator adopted a new federal law on the taxation of sports betting on 27 June 2012. Sport related betting activities will, as with horse race betting, be subject to a uniform 5% tax rate which is to be imposed on the value of bets made (i.e. stakes). Read the rest of this entry »

UK: Consultation begins on the proposed tax credit regime for video game development

In the March budget, the UK Chancellor announced the Government’s plans to introduce new tax incentives aimed, inter alia, at bolsteting the UK’s games development industry. The official consultation has now begun.

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Belgium: Treasury and Gaming Commission disagree on taxation of gambling winnings

A few months ago, we highlighted in the “Juristenkrant“, a Belgian legal magazine, the discussions pending between the Belgian Treasury (Public Service of Finances) and the Belgian Gaming Commission, on the taxation of winnings generated from play in online games. Read the rest of this entry »

UK tax changes – the consultation begins; Time to engage

Following last month’s announcement that the Government would move to taxing remote gambling on a place of consumption basis, the Treasury has recently published a consultation document Taxing remote gambling on a place of consumption basis: consultation on policy design. Read the rest of this entry »

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